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As part of our strive to help retailers reopen their store in this unprecedented pandemic, Gesaky Interactive are continually designing practical solutions to ensure customers are comfortable about revisiting retail environments.

Our Threshold solution is a “Traffic Light” system that automatically monitors and controls the number of customers an any enclosed area, eliminating costly door monitoring by staff.

This solution can be launched as a stand-alone solution, or as an additional feature of our Retail Analytics application which provides a range of intelligent insights for every retail situation.

We help service-based companies to consistently deliver on their health and safety commitments arising from COVID 19. These include retail stores, restaurants, libraries, public houses and hotels, accurately measuring and helping to control the amount of people in any given space at any given time.

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Reasons to use talk to the GESAKY Retail Consultant Team:

Eliminate costly door monitoring by staff
24/7-365 support
Set and define your store occupancy levels
Create dashboards and automatic notifications
Multiple door and wide entrance capabilities
GESAKY Solutions

Prime Areas of our Retail Expertise:

Footfall Management
Threshold Occupancy
  • Controls the footfall numbers in store
  • Enables physical distancing
  • Reduce costs on manning store entrances
  • Individual zonal occupancy is available
  • Aids queue management
  • Record management of all store occupancies
Risk Management
Covid19 Solutions
  • Eliminated manual management
  • Control occupancy levels
  • Keep stores and premises COVID compliant
  • Automated mask detection
  • Automated door entrance sanitation
  • Integrate data to GESAKY analytics
InStore Reporting
Customer Analytics
  • Footfall counting for intelligent customer insights
  • Zonal tracking to improve customer pathways
  • Smartphone tracking to calculate dwell times
  • Patronage monitoring to identify returning customers
  • Artificial intelligence for future planning
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