Pop-Up Stores are fundamentally taking over the retail world as we know it, by re-thinking the usual brick on brick concept of a store.

Pop-up stores allow a business to move around whilst displaying their shops in unique styles, different areas and even different countries.

If you have heard of the term flash store, minute store, day store etc.They all essentially mean pop-up store/shop. But just because you have heard the term does not mean you are completely familiar with what the term means, Am I right? Pop-up stores have been around since the 1900’s. They are temporary retail spaces that can sell just about anything, or more specifically what your business sells… Of-course.

Just about anything has been sold at pop up stores, from art to fashion and from mobile phones to cars. Everything is possible. Allowing a new and exciting stylefor the customer to experience each time, pop-up stores are extremely engaging by fitting perfectly into the surrounding environment they complement your store in a great customised way.

Even better, they can even be designed to fit the suited time frame usually standing from just one day to months! Gesaky interactive recognise the outstanding benefits of a pop-up store, delivering fully furnished and interactive stores in a matter of hours. With a pop-up store the business can benefit endlessly, 95% of purchases are completed offline leaving you with a great opportunity to take advantage of the retail channel (Farra 2016). Gesaky also delivers a completely interactive store, creating customer engagement and further allowing the business to create personal relationships with the consumer.

Launching a pop-up store is 80% cheaper than launching a traditional retail store and creates an immense amount of excitement among consumers and the media (Farra 2016).
Further meaning you can promote and create brand awareness by going offline. Another great aspect to pop-up stores is the simple fact that the products found in them are more than likely not found elsewhere and let’s face it every one of us love coming across a good buy that’s hard to find elsewhere. Further enabling a better experience for the consumer and more social media promotion from consumers!


Who can start a Pop-Up store?


Big brands such as Google, ELLE and eBay have all tried out Pop-Up stores, however anyone can start a pop-up store thanks to the teaming up of Betabrand and Gesaky Interactive. Betabrand can design and build a brand new store to suit your stores theme, Gesaky Interactive will provide the latest IoT technologies delivering a completely engaging store to both the employees and the consumer.
Meaning your store is completely customised in terms of size, style, location and even the technology found within the store. Everyone is different. For example, Google’s
pop-up store in Soho is far from small or personalized but instead completely focused on customer engagement and the ‘experience’ of the store itself. Allowing a customer to participate in a realistic tour of a Google-home (Lee 2016).

Whereas the Vintage Twins pop-up stores focus mainly on customer engagement, measuring customers individually then rustling through a pile of vintage Levi and Wranglers in order to create a perfect fit and match! How cool?! Which opposite to Google draws on personal consumer engagement.

Gesaky Interactive and Betabrand understand the importance of recognizing individual brands goals when considering opening a store, we carefully process these goals and turn them into a reality. Which is noted on our ten step guide to creating the perfect pop-up store. Installing everything from iBeacon’s to our Interactive Mirror, your brands pop-up store will definitely be something to talk about.
For further information on Pop-up stores simply contact us at http://www.gesaky.com/contact or
PM us on any of our social media websites!