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Visual Customer Service

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In an age where the 24/7 sensory overload of information is enough to induce a seizure, it is becoming increasingly difficult for advertising companies to catch a targeted audiences’ attention long enough to get their message across.


Using visuals doesn’t exactly mean displaying a slew of Buy One Get One Free signs on billboards. In fact, quite the opposite.

With the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, social media has a huge influence on the daily life of many targeted customers, clientele, and other businesses. Learning how to creatively channel a message for your company that is both true to face, and eye grabbing to customers is tricky and takes a lot of trial and error to perfect. You have to figure out what works best for your company.

Guest Post with thanks to Ivan Serrano

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The Empowered Customer

Female browsing her mobile while out shopping
Shopping through multiple channels

The Empowered Customer, what exactly does that mean and what are some of the implications for retailers?

Consumers are now seeking out help and advice from peers when shopping, they have learned expectations and attitudes that have been shaped by experiences across numerous sectors and changing platforms over recent years.  Certain technological developments in recent years, in particular the increased use of mobile devices is giving customers access to information instantaneously.

This instant access, combined with influencers in the form of Social Media and peer recommendations has enabled and empowered customers even more than before.  Research has shown that for the average consumer, peer recommendations carry ten times more weight than recommendations from salespeople.

This change in approach is now allowing customers to decide which brand or retailer they will go to and trust.  The challenge, or indeed opportunity now facing retailers is in nurturing this trusting customer and developing the relationship through engagement and in turn understanding their needs and wants.

With in-store interaction, retailers must find ways of engaging and interacting with customers in-store which can allow them to anticipate and understand customer behaviours and preferences.

Gesaky provides a solution that supports and enhances the customer service delivery in-store, click here to view an example of a multi-channel empowered customer journey and how the Gesaky solution can engage with your empowered customer.  The Gesaky solution, an agnostic technology, also provides retailers with valuable in-store customer analytics.

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