Joseph Kerin



Brief Bio:

Spent over 30 years with American Eagle, bringing them from their first single store
to a Fortune 1000 multi-brand corporation. Fondly known as the “Original Eagle” he was able to understand all facets of operations because of his strong relationship with every level, from store assistant all the way to Board level.
During his tenure with American Eagle he not only oversaw the growth of American Eagle but also launched new innovative technology into the stores. Joe’s strong focus is on customer engagement, everywhere he goes he is constantly looking at how a store can improve.

Over 30,000 executives have reported to Joe in his time with American Eagle, with staff training is one of the key specialties, with constant emphasis on “Inspect what you expect”, never leave anything to chance. This vast experience has also been a key reason why the Gesaky Interactive Mirror has been so successful, as Joe believes any technology launched into stores should be a customer centric as possible. What is the point in cluttering stores
with technology if it just gets in the customers way?