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GESAKY Solutions

Prime Areas of our Retail Expertise:

Footfall Management
Threshold Occupancy
  • Controls the footfall numbers in store
  • Enables physical distancing
  • Reduce costs on manning store entrances
  • Individual zonal occupancy is available
  • Aids queue management
  • Record management of all store occupancies
Risk Management
Covid19 Solutions
  • Eliminated manual management
  • Control occupancy levels
  • Keep stores and premises COVID compliant
  • Automated mask detection
  • Automated door entrance sanitation
  • Integrate data to GESAKY analytics
InStore Reporting
Customer Analytics
  • Footfall counting for intelligent customer insights
  • Zonal tracking to improve customer pathways
  • Smartphone tracking to calculate dwell times
  • Patronage monitoring to identify returning customers
  • Artificial intelligence for future planning
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