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Mirror Benefits
Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence is vital to creating seamless customer service through numerous channels with expectations on retailers to deliver a consistent service regardless of channel.  Through analytics and understanding in-store engagements the Gesaky mirror provides vital insight into this channel.A few recent articles below explore the importance of Big Data, Analytics and Customer Centric Strategies.

Below are a few articles exploring the evolving customer experience:

Omni Channel Customer Experience

The Empowered Customer

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Customer Journey
Peer Recommendations
The Gesaky Mirror Technology is a disruptive technology, enhancing the customer experience & enabling in-store analytics / customer intelligence.

Multiple touchpoints and online influencers including factors such as Social Media and peer recommendations have had a huge impact on the customer decision journey in recent years. Company-directed marketing is now competing for attention with peer recommendations through social networks and user reviews.  Retailers are increasing their spending to facilitate and influence peer connections about brands through paid ads and branded pages on social-media platforms.  

Research has shown that for the average consumer, peer recommendations carry ten times more weight than recommendations from salespeople.