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Social media and customer centred

The influence of social media has had a huge impact in almost every aspect of modern life.  Consumers are now expecting more instantaneous responses and consistent interactions from each and every touchpoint, and, if this isn’t forthcoming they are more likely to pen their dissatisfaction to an audience.

The power of this is apparent throughout every consumer facing sector.  In particular company-directed marketing is competing for attention with peer recommendations through social networks and user reviews, research has shown that for the average consumer, peer recommendations carry ten times more weight than recommendations from salespeople.

The ability to actively engage on these platforms throughout all available channels is becoming ever more vital.  Retailers are now increasing their spending to facilitate and influence peer connections around their brands through paid ads and branded pages on social-media platforms.

By bridging the gap between in store interactions and social media platforms, the GESAKY™ technology enables the retail customer to become brand advocates.

The GESAKY™ Mirror can also work as a display platform for intelligent advertising.  Targeted advertising can highlight products relevant to what customers are actually browsing for, which is a more effective method of influencing customers.


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