Invent company Geasky Interactive, is delighted to announce that they have been selected to showcase their technology at the Olympics. In May of this year, Mayor of London Boris Johnson invited Gesaky to participate and present their technology on a world stage. They are the only Irish technology company taking part in this networking event being run as part of the Olympics over a 5 day period and this is a huge opportunity for them. As part of this event the company will network with leading technology companies from around the globe including Facebook, LinkedIN,, Zynga, Yelp and Salesforce.

Everyday is packed with various talks, seminars and tours of company HQs and Universities in the London region, as well as tickets to some of the major Olympic events. The schedule also includes introductions to sporting and political figures from the UK. Another interesting aspect of this event is a focus on new ways of bringing technology companies and universities together to collaborate.

The Gesaky Interactive Mirror is bringing real seamless technology into department stores around the World. Not only is it helping large traditional stores attract new customers back into their stores, it is also allowing them to compete in the eCommerce environment. The ability of the Mirror to automatically read any garment and then cross-relate that garment back to a specific collection enables endless customer opportunities, everything from increased cross-sales for the store to a “personal shopper” experience for the customer.

As part of the roll-out of the Mirror into Europe, the Middle East and US, Gesaky Interactive are looking for retail based partners to trial the Mirror. As part of this trial the retailer will experience the “store of the future” without breaking the bank. The company is also seeking credible business partners in each of these regions. As part of this program each partner will be invited to Dublin and trained in the Mirror technology. This training will take place in DCU in Q4 2012.

For further information please email: quoting Partner Program.