During shopping trips, a typical question asked in the shop changing room is “How do I look?”.  Advice from friends is all part of the shopping experience.

New innovations in social media are changing the online shopping experience, with the emergence of what is being called ‘social shopping’ predicted to boom.

The real value from social media is in the way it can be used to influence and inspire customer purchases, with nearly half of social media users using these platforms to help them decide on a purchase including through referencing social media reviews and recommendations.  Retailers using social media to influence and help customers make up their minds when they’re looking to buy something are well placed to utilise peer-to-peer social network


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With significant implications predicted for retailers when it comes to customer reach, marketing and brand control.  The very nature of social media means the platforms and the way they are used don’t stand still.s for influence purchasing decisions.

The Gesaky Mirror solution supports retailers social media strategies.  As a nimble and adaptable platform, it integrates seamlessly into retailer’s business processes supporting this expected growth.

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