Retail Sector

Retail Sector

The Gesaky Mirror concept is seeded in the ongoing challenge of understanding aspects influencing customer shopping habits by making the shopping process simpler and more efficient.

The entire shopping experience has been widely studied and factors influencing habits vary greatly through various demographics.  One of the most commonly used marketing models for retailers is based on“The Black Box Model” illustrated below.

Buyers Black Box Model


Understanding your customer in this space is vital and with so many touchpoints increasing every day it is important the the objectives of these touchpoints are strategic to your business.


Gesaky’s Director of Retail Michael Nason wrote a recent paper on the importance of analytics and strategy.

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Understand Your Customer

By enabling your customer to be as efficient as possible when shopping not only will your customer leave more satisfied, they will have Shopping bags womanalso increased their basket size.

Studies have shown that on average, male shoppers have a boredom threshold of 20 mins.  They generally prefer to get in and out, making quick and informed decisions.

Female shopping habits vary greatly.  Teens and  20yr olds often view shopping as a leisure activity, however mothers of young children are more likely to be time strapped, and, similar to men need to make quick and informed decisions.

The Gesaky mirror makes shopping a more efficient process for your customers, operating as an up-selling tool while also generates valuable analytics.

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