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As we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing day after day, and expecting a different result. Don’t fall into this trap in retail, and differentiate by setting up your Pop Up Store.

With it easier than ever to launch your Pop Up Store, getting started should be a piece of cake. But make sure you think the process through so you can maximise your financial return.

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Things to consider for your Pop Up Store


Know Your Why

1. Know Your Why

Whilst every retailer will have a different “Why”, it is important to understand your exact goals before you plan the launch of the store. Setting these business objectives should be your prime focus, as everything else will fall into place once you are clear on what you are going to achieve.

If it is a one off short seasonal location, the main research will be on your stock and stock levels, but if you own a range of other stores, or even a solely focused online business, then your reason will differ.

Once you identify your objective you can then focus on maximising the stores potential, whether that’s to promote your product range or turn a healthy profit.

2. Location Is Key

This can be your unique stamp on your brand promotion, so think it through. Once the decision to move forward has been made, your most important next step is to decide on the Pop Up location, taking the following aspects into consideration:

a) Don’t rush your decision, there are plenty of location options out there:

 i) Don’t only rush into vacant shop space

ii) Potentially partner with an existing business

iii) Or be creative, setting up a street stall with a “Cool” technology or aesthetic surround that gets huge attention

b) Examine the demographics of the area

c) Is there competition?

d) Or even better, a group of similar businesses that naturally draw a core customer

e) And decide how far is your customer reach

f) Aim for high footfall areas with an ongoing steady flow of potential customers


Location Is Key


Store Of The Future

3. Store Of The Future

One very important factor in setting up your store is making sure you improve on the space provided to you. You do not have to completely refurbish the area, but certainly add your personal touch.

It is also your blank canvas on setting up your “Store of the Future”. Don’t be afraid to test new technologies, new ideas, or even completely “Out of the box” concepts.

Some cool technologies for you to consider might be:

a) iBeacons: Get messages directly to customers as they pass by

b) NFC (Near Field Communication): Use the power of Smartphones to really engage your customer

c) RFID (Radio Frequency Technology): Make the space Interactive, there is nothing more special than a true “Interactive” experience

d) Interactive Screens: Greet your customers with personalised messages and responses

e) Interactive Mirrors: The very clever integration of all of the above into Intelligent Interactive Mirrors that not only act as personal shoppers, but also offer Smartphone interaction and act as Wifi hub-spots for consumer interaction and power iPads in the shop for POS.

4. Season Focus

The fantastic thing about launching your Pop Up Store is that you can change the focus as often as you like, especially from season to season. This focus will allow you to keep your brand fresh and vibrant. It also allows you to be flexible and adaptable to change, especially in the fast changing World of Retail.


Season Focus


Specialised Events

5. Specialised Events

Similar to your planning for a specific season, you can also design your Pop Up around events.

a) Sports

With so many different sporting events scheduled for every week of the year, it is great to have your Pop Up flexible enough to focus on each of these occasions. Capturing the essence of an event is hard to do in a normal bricks and mortar, or even on-line eCommerce basis, whereas a Pop Up can be flexible and dynamic

b) Sailing

The location of most of these events often means that there are few, if any, stores locally to service this captured audience. Your portable Pop Up can overcome this easily.

c) Concerts

Whereas no-one wants to walk around a concert or music festival with a shopping bag, forward thinking fashion retailers are offering “Try And Buy” solutions. By simply having every size of the range you are selling, you can then easily take payment and ensure the garments are delivered home for them.

d) Wedding Fairs

Every weekend, another location. No problem, get your Pop Up to be easily moved from location to location, but aesthetic enough to encourage real interaction and customer dialogue.

e) College Campus

What better way to capture an audience, bring your product directly to your market and capture the imagination and excitement of your customer.

6. Bricks To Clicks (Or even Click to Bricks)

The store should drive customer interaction and sales by not only selling what is in the Pop Up, but should help bring the traditional Bricks & Mortar store to its online platform.

Or as a very popular alternative, eCommerce retailers can get “Face to Face” with their customers. This not only allows their customers to touch, feel and try on clothes, but takes away the impersonal feel to the shopping experience. This building of personal relationships strengthens the potentially fickle bond between retailer and consumer.


Bricks To Clicks (Or even Clicks To Bricks)


Develop Your Retail Customer Base

7. Develop Your Retail Customer Base

Often as a traditional bricks and mortar store you feel you are not getting out into the community enough. Use your Pop Up to drive customers back to your store. Don’t wait on customers to find you, go out there and find them.

8. Face To Face Feedback

Whether you are testing a new product range, or checking out a new geographical area, personal customer feedback is invaluable. For pure online retailers the “touch and feel” aspect behind Pop Up Stores is even more important, and gives powerful insights to every product range. Building these consumer relationships is also key to getting personal one to one feedback on new ranges and product launches.


Face To Face Feedback


Using Your Imagination

9. Using Your Imagination

The great aspect about creating your new Pop Up is that you can be as creative and imaginative as you want to be. The use of this creative flair should be in line with the theme and goal of the store, but allow it to “Create A Buzz”. A very simple but effective step is to make sure your stock is displayed in an attractive setting. It is also important to get people talking about the store as quick as possible, remember you need to excite your target audience and waste no time in them spreading the word. This sense of urgency will determine how successful your Pop Up will be.

And don’t forget to “Tell the World” using your Social Media channels, breaking down your target audience, especially to people with similar interests in your product range whilst articulating your Pop Up message.

10. Testing New Product Ranges

Bring your new or existing product directly to your customer. This not only maximises your brand recognition, but it also educated you the retailer on buying and shopping habits. It also directly informs your customer on concepts and styles within your brand.


New Product Ranges


Cross Brand Collaboration

11. Cross Brand Collaboration

Never feel you have to tackle the World on your own. Find synergies with other brands, then each leverage from one another. Once planned properly, the sum of having two or more brands pulling in the one direction will not only create huge hype, it generates footfall that normally will not make the journey.

12. Some Practicalities

a) Plan your budget, and make it realistic

b) How accessible is the store? Make sure it is getting adequate footfall

c) Be flexible, keep thinking about your next location

i) Collect emails to keep your customers informed on your next set up

d) Get the right staff

i) Know your opening hours

ii) Make it an exciting working environment

e) Be prepared to run your Social Media campaign in tandem with the launch

f) Understand how you will take customer payments

i) iPads are the most flexible option

g) Plan to stay at least 4 weeks, this is the time it takes to truly maximise your return from the Pop Up


Some Practicalities

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