Benefits and Value

Benefits and Value

The Gesaky Mirror is designed to increase sales by making more choices available to the customer, encouraging cross selling.

As the customer tries on garments they will be given additional information about other items that complement that garment such as handbags & shoes for women, or belts and ties for men.

Maximize the potential sale and increasing basket size while giving the customers personalised attention.


Virtual assistant at busy times – Retailers know that they can lose up to 20% of sales at peak times as assistants cannot cater for all customers lookingCustomer Analytics for product information.

Cross-selling – The customer receives expert advice and options of clothing items that go with the item they have brought to the mirror.

Customer analytics – capturing data from each customer engagement.

Intelligent adverts  Video feed is triggered by item presented at the mirror.

Links to store loyalty VIP cards, E-Commerce/M-Commerce and Social Media Integration.

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence is vital to creating seamless customer service through numerous channels with expectations on retailers to deliver a consistent service regardless of channel.  Through analytics and understanding in-store engagements the Gesaky mirror provides vital insight into this channel.

A few recent articles below explore the importance of Big Data, Analytics and Customer Centric Strategies.

Below are a few articles exploring the evolving customer experience:

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If you would like to experience the Gesaky Interactive Mirror, get in touch with our team in New York, London or Dublin here.


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